Week 1 and 2 Discussion Post

  1. If we think about how sound was used in terms of the relationship between the Chinese and the Jamacins, we can find that it is very much linked to the colonialism. This is because when the Chinese made their way into Jamaica, sound was used to blend into the country. It made the intergration between the two go much more smoothly. Between the Chinese shops and Jamaican music they were able to gain prosperity for their race, ultimately gaining control over most reasourses. Even though the Chinese integrating into Jamaica was very new, capitalism makes it so society ignores down sides and just focuses on money because of the political system. Since the Jamaicans were ultimately exploited by the Chinese, is serves as an example of how capitalism can destroy relationships over time.
  2. Settler Colonialism is known as a social concept that involves a settling party who are taking over land to replace social and economic structures that were already existing in that land. This also involves populating the land to the point where they will overpower the already existing population. This is done to dominate the land and work towards imperializing it. Taiwan was seen as a benefical target for the Japanese for reasons including land locking parts of east Asia. They went it and did just that and made Taiwan into a very Japan influenced colony, changing the social structure etc. The same goes for the US and Hawaii where there were many Chinese people migrating there for better treatment since they were being treated so unfairly back in east Asia. The US made their move and got a hold on Hawaii. This led to unfair treatment to Hawaiian natives and they were left in the same situation as the people of Taiwan. If we were to use the idea of settler colonialism to create a “new map” I feel like Japan and the US would hold great power on it.